About ATC

Just an incredible driving school
encouraging safe driving for life.

Hi! I'm Lesley Philbey, your future driving instructor.

After qualifying as an Approved Driving Instructor in April 2001, I initially took a franchise with BSM. I set up my own independent driving school, Around-the-Corner, in September 2008.
It is important for me to keep up to date with local and national driving information, and I am a member of the Driving Instructors Association and committee member of Sutton Area Driving Instructor Association. I maintain a close liaison with Sutton Test Centre, and regularly attend their Test Centre Surgeries. I have also been a Speed Awareness Trainer for Drivetech, a leading driver education and awareness scheme provider in the UK.

Training Car

The training car is a manual petrol Hyundai i10 1.2, fitted with Dual Controls. I am only able to offer automatic training if a client wishes to use their own vehicle.

Location Covered

Around-the-Corner Driving School is based in Sutton, and I teach in Banstead, Beddington, Belmont, Carshalton, Carshalton Beeches, Carshalton on the Hill, Cheam, Coulsdon, Hackbridge, Mitcham, Morden, North Cheam, Rose Hill, St Helier, Stoneleigh, Wallington and surrounding areas.

Things I Can Do

By employing coaching techniques as well as traditional instruction, you will have control over your lessons and not just be told what to do. Here is how I can help you:

Learner Drivers

From complete beginners to test standard, I will assess your ability and structure a learning path to suit you. I work with my clients to help them become calm and confident drivers.

Theory Test

I will give you help and support with your Theory Test. You do not have to pass your Theory Test before starting lessons. In fact, I would advise starting lessons first, as the experience will help you to understand parts of the Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test.

Practical Test

Your lessons will be structured to teach you safe driving for life, not just to pass the driving test. However, the Practical Test is an important part of your driving life and I will guide you through to your Practical Test pass. I am happy to sit in on your Practical Test if you would like me to.

Foreign Drivers

Drivers from some countries within the EU can simply swap their full licenses for a full British license, but others must pass the Theory and Practical Tests in this country. Check out the rules on www.gov.uk or contact me for advice.

Pass Plus

Pass Plus is a practical training course that takes at least 6 hours and is for drivers to improve their skills and drive more safely.
*Many insurance companies offer substantial discounts for drivers who have completed this course.
*There is no driving test.

Motorway Lessons

Whether you have just passed your test or been driving for years, motorways can seem daunting. It is important to have the correct training to learn the different skills required to drive on motorways. Many of us only travel on motorways a few times a year. Book a lesson to learn how to tackle motorways with confidence.

Buddy Lessons

If you have a friend who is also learning to drive, then you can share a buddy lesson. A buddy lesson is a 2 hour lesson where two people share the learning experience. Whilst your friend drives, you observe them from the back of the car, learning from their strengths and weaknesses without the pressure of actually driving. You swap places and your friend watches you. During the 2 hours you generally swap 3 times. There will be plenty of time for discussion and sharing ideas and usually loads of friendly banter!

Refresher Lessons

Full license holders, ask me about any issues you have with driving. If you have had a long break from driving, wish to move from a Manual to an Automatic (or vice versa), or lost confidence in your ability then I can help you, however long you have been driving.

Parking Lessons

Full License holders, one of the comments I hear when someone asks what I do for a living is "can you help me park?". Parking is simple, ask any of my learners! Book an hours lesson and I can help you to master the skills you need to be able to park well.

Snow and Ice lessons

My learners are usually surprised when I turn up for their lessons in the snow. Many are worried about the slippery conditions, but following a demonstration of how to cope, followed by plenty of time to practice, they all return home confident that they could now control their vehicle if they were to need to drive in snow or ice. Many people have not had the chance to learn how to drive properly in snow and ice, and do not have the confidence to try. When it snows next, book an hour with me and learn to stay in control.


Duration Description Price
1 Hour Single lesson. £ 35
10 Hours Pre-paid package of 10 lessons. £ 330
Test 1 Hour practise + Car hire for practical test. £ 70

Contact Me

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any enquires, I'd love to help!
You can drop me a call on: 07956 028950.
Or just send me an email by using the form below. Hope to see you soon!